Using WP-POLLS for my WordPress Polls and Surveys

Back in 2010 we started using the WP-POLLS plugin to add polls and surveys to one of our WordPress sites. 9 years on, is this still the best solution?

Here's our 2019 view on using polls and survey plugins in WordPress

Do you deserve to get ranked on Google first page?

How to get ranked on google first page
Everyone wants to get ranked on Google first page. That’s the challenge, but focus on what others are doing to achieve those hallowed ranks… and do it better, and you might stand a chance of ranking better.

Here are some ideas to get you on the road to better Google ranking.

Knowledge Graph and how to enhance your search exposure

Screenshot of top of knowledge graph panel for DMJ Computer Services
Getting displayed in the Google knowledge graph panel to the right of it’s organic search results is important for your business, improving brand awareness and SEO, and ultimately bringing you more customers.

Want to know how knowledge graph works? Find out more here

Sitelinks – those extra links Google adds below the main brand URL

Screenshot showing Google Analytics on a laptop
Have you ever wondered why some businesses get additional links below their main URL in Google search results? They are called sitelinks and get displayed for branded searches where the result is already in the top position.

Want to know how they work? Find out more here

The importance of images in blog posts

Image of a lost man in big city
Website visitors really do respond more to content in posts that contain great images. Learn how to use images in your blog posts, and how to optimise them.

Find out how to use images to get more engagement for your content.

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