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Are Google helping or hindering your business?

Bottin Cartographes have successfully brought a lawsuit against Google in France, claiming that Google has been anti-competitive when offering their free Google Maps API service to businesses and that this is not competitive with its own services. This is a very interesting case. Does your business benefit or is it hindered by Google? Here are my thoughts…

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Creating Facebook Welcome and other pages

Do you want to add a welcome page to Facebook, and perhaps one that displays in two different ways depending whether the visitor has already ‘liked’ you or not? You can even go one step further and add other tabs (Facebook terminology for navigational links in your Facebook sidebar). Add a great looking Welcome page to your Facebook page.

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Email Auto-responders

I don’t like email auto-responders. They wind me up and rarely, if ever, tell me anything useful. Anyway, here’s an interesting list of good and bad email auto-responders that I have personally received.

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