French Gite and Beach House Rental Property

Here's a good example of a French gite website built with a WordPress network, allowing visitors to switch between English and French language.

21 May, 2010

Client Brief: A website to advertise 3 holiday rental properties in Normandy

My client has 3 properties in the Manche department of Normandy in France. The brief was to create a single website to effectively advertise each of the properties, whilst providing a good backend content management solution to enable further changes to be made by the client.

Our Solution

French holiday property website - wordpressWe have developed a WordPress website using a premium theme that allows slider control on the home page to showcase each of the properties.

The site uses the PIMS Holiday Rental Management system for availability calendar and pricing tables, and we have incorporated the booking form option to allow better integration for the owner and potential renters. All of this means that our client can use an external system to manage her holiday bookings whilst ensuring the availability calendar is automatically updated on the site.

Integrating the holiday rental management system inside a WordPress site requires some additional coding to allow URL parameters to be sent by PIMS and picked up by the website. Contact us for details if you are a holiday property website owner and are having problems.

Why not take a look at the finished French Gite and Beach House website?

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