Just where do you get that loving inspiration from?

We all crave inspirational experiences sometimes, but just like most things we crave, we can only find a short term buzz that’s usually pretty ineffective long-term.

Section of the Paris Wall of Love

The Wall of “I love you’s” in Paris

So where DO you find the inspiration you need, and how do you know you’ve found it?

Let’s take a look at the history of the creative industry to find out… Years ago, being a designer was considered a profession that was just for the creatively gifted; an elite talent with an ability to supply concept masterpieces. Now it seems anyone can pick up a mouse and turn a ‘typo’ into a deliberate so called ‘creative message’, and an image they’ve found on Google into a so called ‘work of genius’!

Typically this would be the experience, and it still is today with the average so called ‘Designer’

Designers are typically given a task, disappear for a few days into the murky depths of their ‘studio’ whilst they put their interpretation of it into concepts, and re-emerge triumphantly with the fruits of their creativity… fate accompli! The client is possibly overjoyed (or confused) with what they see, mostly because they believe they would never have been able to create something like that! And most of the time that was good enough reason to run with the idea. WRONG!

If this has been your experience it may have left you with a nasty taste in your mouth, and not knowing who to trust

Experienced ‘Professional Creatives’ have not achieved this title through reading an idiots guide to design, or buying a random off the shelf publishing package. Truly creative professionals have learnt their skills through study and experience, by listening to their clients’ needs, intelligently thinking, and keeping a real eye on the purpose of any project.

This is what makes a ‘professional creative’ inspiring, because really creative people are thinking all the time, not just when it’s a working hour or day – it’s in their very make-up. It’s a bit like keeping the engine running, ticking over, responsive, warm and ready to go anywhere, instead of just having the key to hand
when someone needs a lift. Harnessing the power of creative thinking gives a much greater impact on the end result.

Creativity makes the journey fun, it just depends how fast you want to go, and where you want to be taken.

Had a bad ‘designer’ experience you’d like to share?

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