Do I need an SSL certificate?

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SSL ensures that traffic between server and browser is encrypted. It uses https instead of http and results in the familiar padlock and green address bar in your browser. You should definitely have one if you collect sensitive information (e.g. card details) on your website. Google say they now give a slight ranking boost to sites that use SSL. So even if you don’t collect sensitive data, it is likely to be a good idea to use SSL across your entire site. Contact us if you’d like to go SSL.

Cost of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates can be free, or can cost many hundreds of pounds per year – mostly depending on the amount of insurance you need, and whether the certificate covers a single domain, sub-domains, or offers wildcard coverage. Clients hosting their sites with us get a free SSL certificate!

An SSL certificate is just one of the many factors that impact the cost of website ownership. We wrote this post on the real cost of website ownership a few years ago.

SSL Certificates protect your website

If you have a website where you or your customers can log into (e.g. WordPress), then having an SSL certificate is essential to protect your site from what are called man in the middle attacks, where hackers can intercept your username and password when you login.

Update 2018 : Many browsers are now showing sites without an SSL certificate as insecure. This will have a negative impact on ranking position for sites without SSL.

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