Looking for a free WordPress Anti-Spam alternative to Akismet?

Akismet is the well-known WordPress plugin, written by WordPress peeps themselves, to keep websites free of comment spam. It is a free WordPress Anti-Spam plugin install for websites that are personal or charities, but there is a monthly fee to pay for all business websites.

Screenshot of webvitaly anti-spam pluginWe recommend the WordPress Anti-Spam plugin by Webvitaly

We’ve been using the Anti-Spam plugin by Webvitaly for a while. We put it into a client site this week and saw an immediate drop from 5-10 spam comments per day down to zero.

The plugin is easy to install – just go to your plugins page, choose ‘Add New’ and search for ‘anti spam webvitaly’. Install and activate the plugin and you’re up and running. Nothing else to do – except perhaps to deactivate and remove Akismet.

What do you use to control your WordPress spam?

Here are some other recommendations of WordPress anti-spam solutions. Leave us  comment if you have had a good  / bad experience of the Webvitaly WordPress Anti-Spam plugin, or if you have any recommendations for an anti-spam plugin.

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