LinkedIn, Twitter and Hootsuite – stage 1 of ‘Stepping up my Social Media activities’

I have been trying to kick-start my Social Media activities after attending a Social Media Workshop: LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite. Here is a little overview of what I have done so far.
31 Oct, 2010

Web developer LinkedIn profileI’m trying to kick-start my Social Media activities after attending the Nigel Morgan Social Media Workshop last week. So, in the few days since my workshop, what have I done so far?

LinkedInMy LinkedIn profile is now 95% complete (from 65% just a few days ago). Apparently, my profile will get more visibility once it is 100% complete and so I have added some profile content (e.g. Education details, Work history) that were missing and have asked for a few recommendations. I need 1 more recommendation to hit 100%, so hopefully, it won’t be long.

LinkedIn – I have attempted connection with more people that I know and have added a scheduled repeating Thunderbird task so that I’m reminded to do this every 4 days, which is important to ensure I pick up any newcomers to LinkedIn and process the face-to-face and other connections I make.

LinkedIn – Have answered 3 or 4 questions posed by LinkedIn members. This is a good way of improving your expert status. Quite why some people use this to pose questions that they can get an instant answer to by just googling their question, or to pose questions that negatively impact their company PR, I don’t know. For example, I answered a question posed by a Web Development / SEO company who wanted to know how to get more of their pages indexed by Google! I have added another Thunderbird repeating task to remind me to take a look at questions every 3 days.

Hootsuite – As recommended, I have joined Hootsuite and added my Twitter and Linked8888In streams. I have started to think about scheduled tweeting. This is something that I’m not 100% in favour of, given that the essence of Twitter is that you post ‘what’s happening’, which implies that you ought to tweet about what you’re doing right now, and scheduling these tweets seems a little contrived. But I guess you have to do what works, and so I’m ‘joining them’ rather than ‘beating them’.

I have made a boo-boo somewhere along the line though, which has had a negative impact on my social media strategy…

I tweeted directly from Hootsuite and included my tweet in both my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. Previously, I had (I think) elected to have LinkedIn auto-update Twitter with my status updates. This has somehow caused a tweeting loop, which has resulted in the same tweet getting posted every hour to Twitter. Each tweet is prefixed with my twitter name, resulting in tweets that contain nothing but my twitter name. This has messed up my Twitter feeds…

I’ll be more careful next time!


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