I love it!

I love it 😊 Housepoint “Totalisers” made my day! Thank you so much for getting the spirit of the school into a website:)

Builds beautiful websites

Martin [DMJ] loves France, and has experience of owning and renting his own cottage in Southern Brittany. So, given that he also builds beautiful websites I saw him as the ideal candidate for designing a website to advertise my gites and beach house in Normandy. I...

Modern and professional

For some time I have been looking for a web designer to redo my site as it was an amateurish effort and not very easy to navigate. However, I had put a lot of thought and effort into the contents so wanted them not to be wasted. We were already very pleased with...

Definitely to be recommended

Martin is a rare bird in the web-site design world – he delivers what he promises. He delivers it in a friendly, no-nonsense way and can be relied on for some extra, imaginative, suggestions to improve the site. Definitely to be recommended.

So impressed by the personal and professional service

DMJ Computer Services have helped to significantly increase the visitor levels to our Holiday Rentals Website since they started running our Google Adwords Campaign early in 2006. In fact, some of our property owners have even emailed us to thank us for the larger...