I initially made contact with Martin because I was having some problems with my business website and needed someone who knew much more than I did to help me sort it out. I thought I’d made an error backing up my files, which somehow changed the pages on the site and could not correct it. Martin listened and made some simple changes that quickly sorted out my problem. This was good, but the other useful experience for me was that Martin just focused on what I asked him to do and did not spend time telling me what and how I could make changes; not that would not have been useful, but I did not ask for that support and really did not have the time then. Because of the approach Martin took, when I decided that I wanted to make some more changes to my own business website, I went straight back to Martin for help. Firstly to include a plug-in for news letter; one which would be easy to use, and when I decided that I wanted to update the look of the site, not change my branding, but give it a more focused, fresher and professional look. Again I was not disappointed. As with all of the work Martin has done for me, he has kept me informed, and made me feel like we were working on this together, though he did all the work? I have no hesitation at all in recommending Martin. His work is, in my opinion, of the highest standard and value for money. He provides a clear break down of his costs and does not proceed with any changes until he has your approval. You also know where you are with him. With all of the work DMJ has completed for me and for my clients, it has felt like a partnership. If you are like me and like to play with things and keep your fingers in the pie too, then Martin can work like this, within reason. If you would prefer to pass it all on and let him do what he does best, consulting with you as necessary, he can do this too and I am sure in either case you will not be disappointed.