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Women in Management

Women in Management (WiM) is a national voluntary organisation, established in 1969, that addresses the main issues affecting women managers and womens’ management and works to provide opportunities for its members to further develop their potential and life chances.

Women in Management website with WordPress and BuddypressUntil now, the Women in Management organisation did not have their own website. The new website brief was for a site that was professional in it’s design, easy to navigate, content that could be easily updated by approved members, and a community sub-system to allow registered users to post activity, join groups, communicate with other users and contribute to forums.

Our Solution

Take the latest version of WordPress, the Canvas theme from Woothemes, add in the BuddyPress plugin and a bit of nifty Gravity Forms customisation, and the result is as you see on the right.

WordPress is one of the most widely used web publishing platforms. It is open source, which means you don’t pay for the software (just for someone to install and configure it for you, if you don’t want to do it yourself), and is used by over 14% of the Internet’s Top 1 million sites.

Although WordPress comes with it’s own default theme (the code components that control the layout of  your website), we installed the Canvas theme by Woothemes, which gives lots of additional functionality and design flexibility, and also integrates nicely with the BuddyPress plugin.

BuddyPress is a plugin that delivers social networking functionality to WordPress sites. A word of caution – BuddyPress can consume a large amount of resources on busy sites, so make sure you have a website hosting solution that can cope with it, otherwise your site could run really slow.

We also use the Gravity Forms plugin (which allows multiple forms to be easily created and deployed in various places on your website), plus the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on. The user registration plugin is a convenient way to create new users for your website from simple form entries.

Why not take a look at the finished Women in Management website?

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  1. Great article. The new website does look very helpful and attractive. Am surely going to refer to it for any professional or personal help needed.

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