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Why WordPress?

We have built software solutions for many years (since the late 1970s in fact). During the last 10 years, most of our work has involved building a wide range of websites for a wide range of clients. We realised that building completely bespoke solutions, whilst exciting for us, wasn’t as cost-effective for our clients as it should be, and we wanted to offer a better solution.

Our 80% / 20% revelation

We keep your costs down by not reinventing the wheel

It struck us that most of the cost of the websites we were building was because we were building fresh new code or modifying similar code that we had used before. However, most of our clients were looking for a quick entry for their business onto the web. They wanted solutions that got them out there rapidly, sites they could edit themselves to try different approaches, and something they could extend with additional functionality and design work as and when their business could merit it.

So, instead of building sites where 80% of the cost is burned by just 20% of the functionality, we decided to research alternatives that would reverse this, and give clients websites that delivered at least 80% of their requirements for less than 20% of what they might have to pay with other designers.

After taking a look at a number of different solutions we decided that our core offering and expertise should centre on WordPress. With a huge range of theme designs, massive Worldwide use, content management capabilities, Opensource code, and a large base of developers creating great functional plugins, WordPress delivered the best solution.

That decision of ours a few years ago appears to have been vindicated in 2011 by statistics showing that 22% of all new domain names active in the USA are based on WordPress – that’s huge and suggests that WordPress will be around for a while to come.

So, having decided on WordPress for our core, how do we then ensure that the themes we suggest to our clients are beautiful, functionally rich, and well-supported by a team that is swift to answer queries?

Enter Woothemes, the best WordPress Theme framework


There are thousands of WordPress themes, developed by a vast range of developers, from individuals right up to large development teams. Not all of these themes look great, have the right combination of useful features, or offer good developer support.

In order to best support our clients we also wanted to develop within a common framework, so that we could easily work across a number of client sites with different themes, but still be working with consistent and familiar dashboards, shortcodes, and other backend concepts.

We felt that this was the best way to offer ultimate value to our clients.

We came across Woothemes a couple of years ago. With a range of stunning-looking themes, a commitment to producing at least 2 new themes per month, a solid framework and, above all, great support from their development team, Woothemes offered the perfect choice for us. We have based most of our WordPress sites on the Woothemes framework and theme set for the past 2 years and, many sites later, we’re happy that we got this decision right too!

Woothemes think so too…

We love your work, you’ve got a great portfolio of WooTheme customizations… Mark Forrester (Co-Founder of Woothemes)

In our opinion, Woothemes deliver the very best WordPress themes.

We don’t JUST customise Woo WordPress themes!

Don’t panic if you’ve never heard of Woothemes. We have the skills to build themes from scratch ourselves and to seriously customise existing themes, so we can work on your WordPress websites or projects… whatever theme it is based upon, and however small or large your requirement.

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