Wedding website design

We designed and built this new website for our wedding services client in WordPress using the Blocksy theme.


In a digital era where the first impression is often made online, having a standout website is crucial. This is precisely what we aimed for with, a wedding services website that not only captivates its audience but also provides an exceptional user experience.

We have supported the previous version of this wedding design services website for a number of years, keeping WordPress, theme and plugins up-to-date, and were delighted to be asked to design and build the new website for our client.

Development and Design

Our journey in creating the new fabulous functions wedding website design began with a clear vision: to develop a site that is as user-friendly as it is beautiful. To achieve this, we chose WordPress as our foundation, renowned for its flexibility and ease of use. The Blocksy theme was our choice for its modern design capabilities and responsiveness. This combination, along with professional photographs and content supplied by the client, allowed us to craft a website that is not only visually attractive but also highly customizable and easy to navigate.

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User Experience and Functionality

Navigating through the website, users experience a fluid journey from one section to another. The layout is intuitive, ensuring that information is easily accessible and that visitors can find what they need (wedding flowers, venue styling, accessory hire, contact information, portfolio etc.) without hassle.

Performance and Optimization

The website boasts impressive loading speeds and is optimized for all devices, ensuring a smooth experience whether on desktop or mobile. We also employed SEO techniques to enhance the site’s visibility, making it easier for the target audience to discover it online.

Conclusion is a website that has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted. It exemplifies our expertise in creating websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly. We invite you to visit to experience first hand the quality and care we put into our digital creations, and to contact us to discuss how we can help you build your next website.

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