Website Design and Development

Building Great Websites

We love building websites!

There is a unique beauty in the organisation and structure of software – and that includes website development – that we find irresistible.

Added to that are the constant improvements being made in the capabilities of web infrastructure, meaning that there will always be ways to make your site even better after it is launched to make it more appealing, visually stimulating, and usable by your visitors.

We enjoy this process so much that we are sure you’ll be delighted when it comes to quoting a price to build a website for you, and we will want to stay with you, helping to operate, manage and improve the site long after it has been successfully launched.

We would be delighted to discuss a Total Website Care Package with you that ensures you are not left to fend for yourselves once your website goes live – but of course, if you are just looking for a Design Partner, or somebody to code a particularly tricky part of your site, somebody to host it for you, or somebody to develop a strategy for building your website traffic, we are happy to talk to you about this too!

Website Design

We can help you to…

  1. Design an appropriate layout for your site by understanding your target audience
  2. Use images, video, and graphic content to the best effect, so they enhance rather than detract from the overall design
  3. Optimise your site so it ranks high in search engine lists for the words and phrases your customers will be looking for

Our Aim:

To build the Website…

  1. That YOU want, on time, on budget, and fit for purpose
  2. That is appropriate to your business objectives
  3. With your target customer in mind.
  4. That is fast loading and easy on the eye
  5. That incorporates complex graphics and images only where they add value!

Good websites don’t just have to be designed, they need to be built and delivered so that they are free from defects, perform effectively, integrate cleanly and securely with back-end systems and databases, and are easy to maintain.

Martin Jarvis

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