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A little about our ‘French Team’

My name is Martin Jarvis. I am a Website Developer, WordPress Specialist and Francophile with a holiday home close to the border between Brittany and the Pays de la Loire regions of France. I used to let my cottage out as a holiday rental until I re-married a few years ago, since when, my French wife and I have decided to make more use of the home ourselves and so it is no longer let. Nadine joined our team in 2019, and manages the content for a number of our client sites. Nadine also provides an on-page SEO service and translates website content English – French. Our professional careers and personal experiences have put us in a great position to help build and improve websites for English people living and working in France.
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Creating a website for your French business

We love building websites, and will not disappoint you.

Whether you need a new website for your French Holiday Home, a community site for your niche group in France, or a website to support your business on both sides of the Channel (in English and French), please get in touch.

Freshen-Up your website

FRESHEN UP is the name of our unique website package that takes your existing website content, logo, images and video and places them into a completely new design giving your website a fresh, up-to-date look.

FRESHEN UP delivers a brand new WordPress installation, along with a premium theme of your choice from my collection, a content management system so that you can edit your own website, an integrated blog, and much, much, more.

If you want to give your existing content a new lease of life with a fresh new look, Freshen Up is for you… Find out more about refreshing your website design

Installing and Configuring WordPress for you

WordPress is great for websites or blogs that you want to edit yourself. WordPress itself is free. You can choose to have WordPress host your site for you, but for complete freedom to develop just what you want you may prefer to host your WordPress site on a server of your choice.

I have installed and configured dozens of WordPress sites, so if you want someone to get it all set up ready for you to start adding your content, please take a look at my WordPress Press-Up package to install and configure your site.

Is Guest Blogging your thing?

If you live, work, or have something (generally positive) to say about Brittany or the Pays de la Loire, why not join the growing team of guest bloggers on our Brittany and Pays de la Loire blog site? Ask me to create a guest blogging account for you, and promise not to overtly advertise in your posts, and I’ll set everything up ready for you.

So, if you have something to say about the area, or want to share your experiences on a regular basis, and would like a little additional profile for yourself, then give it a try… Read more about contributing to our Brittany / Pays de la Loire interest blog.

Hosting for your website

Are you looking for somebody to host your website professionally, who will respond to your support emails promptly and someone who will pick up the phone (without you having to call a premium rate number)?

If so, why not ask me to set up and manage your hosting, including transferring your website over?

What my clients in France say

We have worked on many website projects. Take a look at what our English clients in France say about the projects we’ve worked on…

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