Freshen up your website – from £399

FRESHEN UP is the name of our unique website package that takes your existing website content, logo, images, and video and places them into a completely new design giving your website a fresh, up-to-date look.

What do you get with a FRESHEN UP package?

  • A new look website design incorporating your existing content
  • A website well-optimised for search engine traffic
  • A content management system so that you can change page content and add new pages
  • An integrated blog
  • Permanent redirection of your existing pages¹
  • Installation onto your existing web server²
  • An XML sitemap for search engines – with changes automatically ‘pinged’ to search engines to ensure rapid indexing when content is added or changed
  • A website sitemap to help visitors find what they are looking for on your website
  • SPAM-resistant contact form protecting you from many spamming attempts
  • 30 minutes of telephone support to get you up and running

Best of all… it’s a new-look website that won’t break the bank – and we do all the work for you!


Our FRESHEN UP package costs just £399 plus £20 per page.

Examples :

Home page only = £399;

5-page website = £399 + £20 x 5 = £499;

10-page website = £399 + £20 x 10 = £599;

20-page website = £399 + £20 x 20 = £799;

Note: VAT will be added to all prices.

Optional Extras

  • Hosting – if you want to change your hosting company we will happily host your website on our server for £135 + vat per year
  • Installation and configuration of various plug-ins from £10 to help your website do even more²
  • Importing external blog content into your new site (e.g. from Blogger) – from £10
  • Additional design to more thoroughly match and incorporate your own branding – from £159

Get your FRESHEN UP package today

Our FRESHEN UP package is limited to 2 websites per month – when they’re gone they’re gone!

To get your website freshened up, just complete our contact form and let us know who you are, what your email address is, and what website you want us to freshen up…

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¹ In a nutshell, this means that we will automatically redirect requests for your old pages to the equivalent new page so that you don’t lose any of the valuable search engine ‘juice’ that your existing site has built up and you won’t suffer broken links from sites that already link to you

² We can advise on the appropriate use of plug-ins when we see your website or if you tell us what you want

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