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Are you disappointed with your website? Has it not had the impact that you intended? Are you about to launch a new internet service, and want an independent evaluation of it?

If any of the above is true, then let us review your site for you! For a fixed fee of £85¹, we will evaluate your website and provide you with our honest evaluation of its appeal, functionality, and content. We will deliver a report to you, outlining our findings, and summarising our recommended changes along with the approximate cost that you should expect to pay a website expert for each change.

Here is an example of the questions that get answered during a typical review. This list is not exhaustive and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements…

Is the Look-and-Feel of my website good?

Does your website have a visual impact? Is the graphic content sufficient, overblown, or not powerful enough for your target audience? Do you use a consistent style throughout, one which is pleasing to the eye, and appropriate for your typical visitor?

It is surprising how many sites get launched without first being tested with different screen resolutions, and without checking how the pages display in different browsers. Many developers, eager to use the latest technological breakthrough, find that their new animation or effect cannot be viewed by a large percentage of visitors to the site – Problems such as this are unlikely to convert that visitor into a customer!

Does my website perform well?

Despite the now rapid take-up of Broadband internet access, many internet users in the UK (more than that in most other countries) still use 56k dial-up to get onto the Internet. If your typical website visitor is one of these, then it doesn’t make sense to deploy pages on your website that will take more than a few seconds to load at this speed – they will just go somewhere else! Even if your visitors are all likely to be broadband users, it still makes sense to keep your page sizes down – not least because high bandwidth usage may result in higher ISP costs for you!

There is often a compromise to be made between higher-quality images and faster-loading pages. We can offer suggestions to help increase your page load speed without reducing the visual appeal of your pages.

Is my Website Content and Functionality good?

The first time a potential customer comes into contact with your company is often through your website. It is essential that your visitors find what they want, quickly and easily, and that it is clear to them what they must do next (i.e. how they contact you, how they find out more information, how they buy from you, etc.). We put ourselves in the position of your customer, something that web developers frequently overlook!

Your website should ‘work’ properly. The navigation buttons should direct the visitor to the correct part of your website, web forms should display correctly and fields should have appropriate validation, your pages should be free of spelling errors, links should work as required, and videos should play correctly. We ‘dry-run’ your website to make sure that it functions correctly.

Is my website Search Engine Friendly?

One of the greatest ways of getting free advertising for your product or service is to get it a high ranking in search engine listings for relevant keywords. This is difficult if the keywords and phrases that best describe your offering are already widely used, but there are still many ways that you can optimise your website content to ensure that your pages rank as high as possible.

We can tell you which search engines currently index your pages, and in what position your website will appear in the search listing when your relevant keywords are searched for. We may be able to offer some advice on ways to improve on this ranking.

If you want to drive visitors to your website and are willing to pay one or more of the search engines to do this, we can advise on the best pay-per-click routes, suggest keywords and phrases, and help you set an appropriate cost-per-click to ensure a highly-ranked search engine listing.

Is my website Accessible to people with disabilities?

Did you know that the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 states that, as of 1st October 2004, any business that is providing ‘services to the public’ must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to its service to ensure that it is accessible to disabled people?

This means websites, and does not just apply to eCommerce sites, either. Any website, including your own company Intranet site, could be included. There have been several high-profile legal actions taken against companies not complying with this legislation. Our opinion is that legislation should not be necessary, and that common sense should convince companies to make their products and services as accessible to as wide a population as possible. We can point out any obvious areas where your web pages may not comply with this act.

Website Evaluation

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1 The evaluation cost of £85 assumes a moderately complex website, comprising no more than 10 pages. We reserve the right to negotiate a different fee where the evaluation is likely to take a more considerable amount of time. We may be able to offset the cost of the evaluation against your future business with us if you choose to have us Manage or Redesign your website! Please ask us for details!

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