Why does Elementor only display 5 blog pages?

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Why does the Elementor posts element only show 5 pages?

Elementor screenshot showing only 5 posts pages displayed

We think that as part of the Elementor update (to v 3.2.2 in April 2021) the default number of pages displayed by the Elementor posts element changed to 5.

This may have been an intentional update, to encourage only the most recent posts to be surfaced, or to keep the page load time down ahead of the forthcoming Google Page Experience update.

If you want to change it to get Elementor to display more than 5 pages, here’s a solution where you can choose as many pages of posts as you like.

To fix this:
1. edit your blog page
2. click on your posts ‘Content’ area and select the ‘Pagination’ tab
3. change the ‘Page Limit’ field to however many pages you’d like to display in your pagination
4. update and check!

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