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We spend most of our time installing, configuring, customising and hosting WordPress websites, so will be able to support you – whatever you need, we’ll sort it out for you.

Take a look at the problems we can help you with and contact us for a solution.

Installing WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for managing your website content, but can be a little tricky to install in the first place.

If tinkering with software installations on your hosting server is not your thing… Let us install WordPress for you.

Configuring your WordPress Installation

Are you having problems choosing the right theme for your website?

Are you having trouble configuring your theme to appear, and function, as you want?

Are you finding it difficult to locate the right plugin to achieve a particular bit of functionality?

Would you prefer to have somebody else get your site working for you whilst you focus on running your business?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, get in touch with us to sort your problems out promptly and cost effectively.

Managing your WordPress Website

From time to time new releases of WordPress, updates for your plugins, and possibly new versions of your theme will become available. Many of these will be cosmetic in nature, some will offer additional functionality, and others will fix bugs and perhaps even address vulnerabilities in the software.

It is generally very good practice to keep the various components up-to-date, and, in the case of security fixes, essential that you install updates promptly to avoid exposing your site to hackers.

If you don’t have the time or the confidence to manage these upgrades yourself, get in touch and ask us to do it for you. We can apply just the updates you want, or alternatively we can manage your entire installation for you.

Designing and Building Your WordPress Website

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We have built many stunning WordPress websites, including brochure sites, membership sites, holiday rental websites, directories, multi-language websites, and database sites with complex functionality.

Our designs deliver attractive websites that are easy to navigate, search-engine friendly, and extremely cost-effective.

Get in touch if you want a professional website for your business.

Hosting WordPress

We offer a professional hosting service for your website that will deliver reliability and performance. If you aren’t getting the personal level of support that you need from your existing host, get in touch and ask us to host your WordPress site for you.

WooThemes logoWoothemes Like Us too!

Woothemes are one of the most popular and highly respected WordPress theme designers on the planet. We are delighted that Woothemes rate us highly enough to showcase our websites and appointed us official Wooworkers up until the point that Woothemes started charging developers for the privilege of having them on their scheme…

We love your work, you’ve got a great portfolio of WooTheme customizations…. Mark Forrester (Co-Founder of Woothemes)

Take a look at our design and development philosophy, and how we can help to website owners and webmasters to customise and implement great solutions with Woothemes.

Get a solution to your WordPress issues

Whatever your WordPress requirements, let us know how we can help. We will listen to you and offer you an honest appraisal of the options available to you.
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