English-to-French and French-to-English translation for your website

Translate your content and dramatically boost your website audience

Speaking another language means you can communicate with tens of millions more people on the planet.

If you have a product or service that is relevant to a French audience, a professional translation of your website from English to French can immediately boost your Worldwide audience. We offer a translation service far superior to those provided by Google Translate or other computer-assisted translation tools. Our easy-to-read-and-understand translations will make it seem like your website was written in French in the first place.

Build beautiful websites

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin for any french rental property project – or indeed any website project.


Gite and French property rental owner

Benefits of working with us

Professional translation + professional web development + professional SEO = more success

Professional Translation

Nadine is a French national who has lived and worked in the UK for 35 years.

Expert Web development

Martin is an experienced web developer, with a particular expertise in WordPress.

Improved search results

We can set up your meta content to ensure great search engine coverage in your translated site.


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What advantages does a professionally translated website bring?


Magnified Audience

Let’s say that you are English owners of a French holiday property. You have an English version of your website, as you consider your main target audience will be from the UK.

That’s ok, but consider the 60 million French holidaymakers who can visit you without crossing borders, taking ferries, or suffering airport delays. It’s a fairly well-known fact that a large proportion of French people take their holidays in France.

Without a translated website that talks their language, it is extremely unlikely that you will reach them via traditional organic search. Nor are you likely to engage with them even if they do reach your website.

Cost Effective

If you already have an English-language website, getting it duplicated and translated into French should not be as expensive as building the site from scratch. So it could be a fantastic, cost-effective route to a far bigger audience.

The SEO Effect

Give search engines twice the content to index by adding a 2nd language. Also, make your holiday rental property in France more relevant to Google by building the content in French.

Testimonials from some clients

We found Martin whilst searching for someone who could design a new website for our Gites and Campsite in Brittany, France. We really needed someone who could quickly replace our old badly functioning site with a new, up to date one, in both English and French. The new site was designed exactly as we had hoped, it was live in just a matter of weeks and we have happily seen an improvement in the amount of enquiries we are receiving. Martin's expertise, patience and speed in replying to our questions can not be faulted and we would definitely not hesitate in recommending DMJ computer services to anyone. .

Julie Plowman
Julie Plowman
October 30, 2019

Very professional job

I appointed DMJ to give my gite website a complete overhaul and I am delighted to report that Martin has done a very professional job. Taking my part-broken WordPress website and refreshing it quickly and cost-effectively with a smart new design and a few additional features. Many thanks!

Polly Watt
Polly Watt
October 30, 2019

Builds beautiful websites

Martin [DMJ] loves France and has experience of owning and renting his own cottage in Southern Brittany. So, given that he also builds beautiful websites I saw him as the ideal candidate for designing a website to advertise my gites and beach house in Normandy. I wasn’t disappointed! Martin was thorough and professional, not only building a site in WordPress that is cost-effective and easy to manage but also helping integrate the PIMS rental management system into the site so that I can capture enquiries, and display availability charts and booking forms for each property. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin for any french rental property project – or indeed any website project.

Stephanie Godwin
Stephanie Godwin
October 30, 2019

Modern and Professional

For some time I have been looking for a web designer to redo my site as it was an amateurish effort and not very easy to navigate. However, I had put a lot of thought and effort into the contents so wanted them not to be wasted. We were already very pleased with Martin’s approach to referencing our site through our advert on his site about France – expatsfrance.com – and so turned to him for advice. The price was right and so Martin went ahead and very quickly and efficiently he has turned the whole site round so it looks modern and professional and is incredibly easy to use. We are also very pleased with the effort he has put into increasing the amount of traffic to the site and are looking to profit from our investment in Martin’s considerable skills and energy.

Good websites don’t just have to be designed, they need to be built and delivered so that they are free from defects, perform effectively, integrate cleanly and securely with back-end systems and databases, and are easy to maintain.

Martin Jarvis

Managing Director, DMJ Computer Services Ltd

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