Testimonials from our Website Clients

Our clients have kindly provided these endorsements. They are all genuine, and only a small amount of force was exerted on the kind folks who gave them 🙂

    • Warren Cass, Business-Scene

      Martin is an excellent developer/project manager and the technical driving force behind Business Scene. He has a great ability to think outside of the box and translate our ideas into tangible working solutions. Clever, trustworthy & talented... Highly recommended!


    • Tim Fearns

      We first encountered DMJ whilst they were doing some work on behalf of one of our partners, and liked what we saw. We subsequently engaged them to Project Manage a very large application transformation project in the City of London, and were delighted with their approach, commitment and ability on what was a very complex and challenging project, involving as it did a specialist supplier (ourselves); a major systems integrator; and a very exacting end risk-averse customer. All parties were extremely complementary about the work that DMJ did, and Xitec would be happy to engage them again.

    • Graham Hill

      I should have hired Martin as our Word Press web-master years ago!For the first time in years we have found a web partner that delivers on time and exceeds our expectations. He is a delight to work with.Martin does one off projects for us and manages our website on his premium monthly retainer which is GREAT value for money and keeps our website up to date and in tact.Call me for a personal recommendation 01635 573208

    • Stephanie Godwin

      For some time I have been looking for a web designer to redo my site as it was an amateurish effort and not very easy to navigate. However, I had put a lot of thought and effort into the contents so wanted them not to be wasted. We were already very pleased with Martin's approach to referencing our site through our advert on his site about France - www.unevacanceenfrance.com - and so turned to him for advice. The price was right and so Martin went ahead and very quickly and efficiently he has turned the whole site round so it looks modern and professional and is incredibly easy to use. We are also very pleased with the effort he has put in to increasing the amount of traffic to the site and are looking to profit from our investment in Martin's considerable skills and energy.

    • Derek Ward

      I have known Martin for 2 years and I have been very impressed by the speed that he has been able to resolve IT issues that have arisen. He listens to suggestions for improvements and implements them quickly unless there is a very valid reason why it is not possible (or wise). He will explain his valid reasons in these circumstances. I highly recommend Martin to you.

    • Ina D'Costa

      It was a daunting prospect for me to set-up a new website so I was delighted when I met Martin as he was courteous and approachable and made it easy for me to explain what I wanted to achieve. I am delighted with the results and feel that it reflects me and my work as a Integrated Holistic Therapist in a positive, caring and warm way. He also helped me choose the artwork which portrays a clear, approachable and business like website. Once the website was constructed Martin took time to explain to me how to use it. My friends and clients say the website is amazing and portrays ME. Thank you, Martin for your patience and professional help.I have no hesitation in recommending Martin.

    • Marcus Wallace

      Martin. Thanks for helping to build the RJaerials website and for delivering a valuable marketing resource quickly and cost-effectively, which is important for start-up companies such as mine. I'm really pleased with the result.

    • Richard Gregg

      Martin is a rare bird in the web-site design world - he delivers what he promises. He delivers it in a friendly, no-nonsense way and can be relied on for some extra, imaginative, suggestions to improve the site. Definitely to be recommended.

    • Sandra Pollock

      I initially made contact with Martin because I was having some problems with my business website and needed someone who knew much more than I did to help me sort it out. I thought I’d made an error backing up my files, which somehow changed the pages on the site and could not correct it. Martin listened and made some simple changes that quickly sorted out my problem. This was good, but the other useful experience for me was that Martin just focussed on what I asked him to do and did not spend time telling me what and how I could make changes; not that would not have been useful, but I did not ask for that support and really did not have the time then.Because of the approach Martin took, when I decided that I wanted to make some more changes to my own business website, I went straight back to Martin for help.Firstly to include a plug-in for news letter; one which would be easy to use, and when I decided that I wanted to update the look of the site, not change my branding, but give it a more focused, fresher and professional look. Again I was not disappointed.As with all of the work Martin has done for me, he has kept me informed, and made me feel like we were working on this together, though he did all the work ?I have no hesitation at all in recommending Martin. His work is, in my opinion, of the highest standard and value for money. He provides a clear break down of his costs and does not proceed with any changes until he has your approval. You also know where you are with him. With all of the work DMJ has completed for me and for my clients, it has felt like a partnership.If you are like me and like to play with things and keep your fingers in the pie too, then Martin can work like this, within reason. If you would prefer to pass it all on and let him do what he does best, consulting with you as necessary, he can do this too and I am sure in either case you will not be disappointed.

    • David Pratt

      We recently asked Martin Jarvis to write a replacement website for HR & Diversity Management as our old site was becoming aged and out of date. The replacement site provided by Martin is much more in keeping with modern technology: it uses Wordpress and is very easy for visitors to read and navigate around and most importantly it is very easy for us to change and update. At all times Martin listened to what we wanted, and then provided us with a ‘this is what I will do for you’ discussion that we found very useful. It enabled us to change our thinking as necessary, and Martin not to have to go through reiterations where we changed our minds.In all a very professional job with which we at HR & Diversity Management are well pleased.

    • Martine Cherry

      Martin [DMJ Computer Services] has started to run a Google-Ad campaign for us. As part of this he has helped us understand our website traffic, offered advice on how to improve our site and has been patient with all my questions! Would definitely recommend. Thank you Martin.

    • Andy Sands

      We were having some performance problems with our existing web hosting. Our website (according to Pingdom) was running slower than 83% of all tested websites and so we really needed to do something.DMJ proposed switching our hosting to their own UK-based web servers. They handled all aspects of the transfer swiftly and painlessly, with no downtime experienced. Our website is now super-fast, and an equivalent Pingdom test now shows it running faster than 94% of all tested websites! What a difference.

    • Tim Wilson

      DMJ Computer Services have already been a great help to us. We were running our own Google Adwords campaign, but even though we'd spent many hours trying to configure the campaign and find the right bidding price, we were still getting a lot of spurious clicks from people who clearly weren't searching for our kind of high-quality designer knitwear. DMJ offered us a cost-effective way of raising our ad rankings and refining and broadening our campaign so we could get more and better clicks from customers in several different niches. Martin at DMJ has been both helpful and proactive. I'd definitely recommend him.

    • Martin Rutherford

      Martin did a fantastic job of looking over my site which had been having some issues and helped me to narrow down the cause and get it fixed. If you are in need of some help with your site I can not recommend him enough!

    • Julie Plowman

      I appointed DMJ to give my gite website a complete over-haul and I am delighted to report that Martin has done a very professional job. Taking my part-broken wordpress website and refreshing it quickly and cost-effectively with a smart new design and a few additional features. Many thanks!

    • MAggie Pascoe

      I tried to launch myself on to the internet market, but being from the age of the abbacus, I failed miserably. One evening, whilst musing on the internet, I found Martin's site and his solutions for creating sites etc seemed like something to which I could relate.Since then, he has painstakingly re-vamped my pathetic attempt and created what I can only describe as credible site, which even I can understand !He has been very patient and courteous at all times and I'm really thrilled with the result. He is certainly a "find" , the quality of his work far outstrips his charges and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of help and mentoring !

    • Michelle Gilbert

      DMJ produced a highly professional design and build for our new website. The WordPress platform allows us to edit our website content ourselves, thereby reducing the future running costs and allowing us to react quickly when new content is required. I would highly recommend DMJ.

    • Richard Tidmarsh

      Wow, that was super speedy - thank you so much! I have done some quick tests, and it seems to have done the trick perfectly. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your help + fast turnaround here - brilliant service!

    • Bill Barnett

      Martin created a great website for ThirdSide Dispute Mediation. He worked closely with me to ensure it was exactly what I wanted, then delivered on-time and on-budget. After the site was launched, Martin showed patience and understanding in giving some basic training. I highly recommend Martin if you want a great looking website, at a reasonable price and friendly service.

    • Nick Evans

      I've been working with Martin for a few years now, firstly on my main business www.safewell.co.uk and recently on my second www.movewelltkd.co.uk. When I started the Taekwondo club I had no hesitation in wanting Martin to create and manage the website as he does for Safewell. The reasons I work with Martin are; his tenacity to make things I want on my sites to happen; his excellent knowledge of Wordpress and search engine optimisation; and finally he is always welcoming and friendly when I speak to him. I would have no hesitation in recomending Martin to anyone for website work.


    • Polly Watt

      Martin [DMJ] loves France, and has experience of owning and renting his own cottage in Southern Brittany. So, given that he also builds beautiful websites I saw him as the ideal candidate for designing a website to advertise my gites and beach house in Normandy. I wasn't disappointed! Martin was thorough and professional, not only building a site in Wordpress that is cost-effective and easy to manage, but also helping integrate the PIMS rental management system into the site so that I can capture enquiries, and display availability charts and booking forms for each property. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin for any french rental property project - or indeed any website project.

    • Duncan Erskine

      DMJ Computer Services have helped to significantly increase the visitor levels to our Holiday Rentals Website since they started running our Google Adwords Campaign early in 2006. In fact, some of our property owners have even emailed us to thank us for the larger number of rental enquiries that we are sending them! We were so impressed by the personal and professional service that we received that we asked DMJ to build our newsletter website containing Letters, Articles, and Books written by English people living and working in France. We are delighted with the style of the website, and especially with the fact that it received over 3,000 visitors in its first week of launch! We look forward to a continued great working relationship with DMJ.

    • Dave Johanson

      I have been working with Martin for a couple of years. He is always responsive to my questions and needs and his prices are quite reasonable. I highly recomend using Martin to build your Wordpress website. He will do a great job for you and he'll be there to answer questions and provide assistance six months down the road.

    • Nick Cornwell-Menzies

      Martin built my website swiftly and cost-effectively from the design components and content that I provided, and dealt effectively with a couple of issues that were caused by my hosting provider which could have significantly increased my hosting costs and rendered the possibility of a content management system unworkable. I look forward to working further with Martin and would recommend his work to anyone looking for a website developer.

    • Helen Palmer

      From start to finish, Martin has been wonderful at communication, timings and deliverability. The whole project has been completed within a week with the minimum of fuss. I highly recommend Martin for the work he has carried out for me and will definitely be using him again in the future.


    • Simon Phillips

      Martin is a rare talent. He combines amazing technical knowledge with first rate customer service. Business-Scene was forging new ground in terms of bringing networking technology to small businesses, many of whom had not ventured beyond email at the time. Martin's patience and willingness to go the extra mile to support both the customers and regional directors throughout this transition was exemplary.


    • Tracey Heath

      We approached Martin to help us re-launch our website and he was great. He really took the time to understand exactly what we wanted, offering advice and guidance along the way. Martin is professional, patient, willing, approachable, empathetic and accessible. For those who are not experts in the world of website development, Martin makes it simple and easy to understand.He turned our changes around effectively and efficiently and also offered a very affordable (optional) support pack once the website had gone live.We would not hesitate to recommend Martin and his straightforward approach.

    • Cath Vincent

      I engaged DMJ to project manage a complex software delivery and was delighted with the result. Martin is extremely thorough and has a diplomatic approach to handling clients which inspires confidence. I would be delighted to entrust work to DMJ in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them.

    • Lynn Tulip

      Martin Jarvis' pragmatic approach to online solutions is not to be ignored. DMJ Computer Services offer exceptional customer service, with rapid responses and good technical support on a 24/7/365 basis, ensuring that your website and online marketing strategy are as successful as they can be and get you as much as business as possible.

    • Nick Evans

      I’ve been receiving the website reports from DMJ Computer Services for the past 4 months; it’s a very small cost for some very valuable information. I use the report monthly at a review meeting with Martin, about the website, where we review performance, plan improvements and changes incrementally. The Report enables me to see that my website is working and available, when there is down time and that all security stuff is up to date. It’s not the fun bit of websites but massively important; a great looking website that’s down is no use at all. It also gives me confidence that the support and maintenance I pay for is money very well spent. These reports are well worth having and well worth reviewing with Martin on a scheduled basis.

    • David Wreathall

      I’m a big fan of WordPress sites for small organisations – it’s good to have control when you need to change things, or add news as posts, and Google seems to love WordPress sites that are updated regularly. So, thanks to Martin at DMJ, we’ve finally got round to converting this site.


    • Mark Hull

      I found Martin when things had really gone wrong on our site - I made an update and it didn't work out so well. Martin was great - he helped us out on short notice and got it working perfectly again - spending extra time to teach me along on the way. His attitude and support at that time subsequently made me sign up to an ongoing support programme with him - and the service has continued to be first class. He is always happy to provide guidance and support - and i would recommend him to anyone needing great Wordpress support.

    • Sabine Coe

      I asked Martin to develop my new website. He is a WordPress specialist and from the start he understood my needs and adapted to my budget. Throughout the developement, he tried his utmost to follow my ideas, but his suggestions were always spot on as well. Professional and responsive, he delivered a superb website, beyond my expectations.He also offered some extra SEO training, so I feel well equipped to be able to manage the website myself in the future.I am delighted with his service and would highly recommend him for any web developement.

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