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Why Self-Host WordPress?

Good question. Why spend good money hosting your WordPress website on its own server when you can host it for free at

Hosting at is fine if all you want is a simple blog site with no special design customisations and limited functionality. Even if that is all you want now, you might want to extend your site in the future. So what’s the alternative?

Millions of WordPress sites are self-hosted, which means that they are hosted on a web server of your choosing. Although there is generally an annual cost for hosting, this is not expensive, and there are plenty of advantages associated with self-hosting WordPress sites too:

  • You can improve the look and feel of your website by adding customisations
  • You can improve the functionality of your site by using a wider range of plugins
  • You can co-host your WordPress site alongside your other websites (or even incorporate your blog site into your main business website)
  • Your site can appear with whatever domain name you have purchased

Self-Hosting WordPress with DMJ

We professionally host dozens of WordPress sites on our fast and secure dedicated server. We know how WordPress works (we design and develop in WordPress too) and can help out with installation if you’re not too sure what to do. If you’re worried about looking after your Self-Hosted WordPress site once it is up and running, we also offer some great WordPress Care Plans.

Best of all… you can actually talk to us on the telephone and we will answer your support queries. Our professional WordPress hosting plan costs start from just £135+vat per year (quarterly and biannual options are available) and can include comprehensive support. Take a look at our website hosting plans, or drop us a line to let us know how we can help you…

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