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Why You Need A WordPress Updates Package

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website you’ll know how important it is to keep your WordPress core version and your plugins up-to-date.

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As well as keeping your site bug-free and loading as fast as possible, keeping your software current greatly reduces the chances of your site being hacked. During 2015 alone, there were 10 new releases of the WordPress core code, including 6 security releases that needed to be applied quickly. Failure to update your site for any one of these could have left you open to hackers… and this isn’t including the many security and bug fix releases of plugins.

If you’re doing these WordPress updates yourself, you’ll know:

  • It takes time – even if your site responds quickly and you know what you are doing, it could still take 15 minutes for a WordPress update along with a handful of plugin updates and a swift post-update check that your website is still working. This could quite easily add up to an hour or more each month!
  • The outcome is often uncertain – sometimes the update causes problems, and occasionally your site might break completely. If your site isn’t working properly after an update, you’ll need it fixed quickly!
  • You never know how often ‘is about right’ for your updates – some website owners only update their sites infrequently (or not at all), or when a vulnerability in a plugin is widely publicised… which might be too late!

We believe we are best placed to know when and how to update your WordPress website, leaving you to focus on your content and running your business. Although we already offer a more comprehensive WordPress support package, we know that some clients only want their updates to be taken care of… which is why we launched our WordPress Updates Package.

What’s included in our WordPress updates package?

An update package isn’t worth having if it doesn’t offer real benefits at a cost-effective price. So, here’s what we’ll do for you…

  • We’ll check your site for updates approximately once per week (sooner if we are advised of vulnerabilities)
  • We’ll back up your site daily to an offsite EU-compliant cloud location whilst you’re on our plan, retaining up to 90 backup versions of your site
  • We’ll apply the required updates¹
  • We’ll run a quick check of your site afterwards to make sure it is still working²
  • We’ll fix any issues quickly if possible. If a quick fix is not available we’ll discuss your options with you³
  • We’ll optimise your WordPress database to keep your site running efficiently
  • We’ll manage your spam comments

How much does a WordPress Updates Package cost?

Our WordPress Updates Package costs £31+vat every quarter, £58+vat every 6 months, or £110+vat if you want to pay for a year at a time.

We have not found a comparable service by any other provider which does not cost considerably more!

Jump on board and start giving yourself the peace of mind that your WordPress site is being professionally updated. Complete the form below and we’ll get you up and running straight away…

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How can I do my WordPress updates myself?

Updating your WordPress core, theme, and plugins is important if you want to keep your site functioning well, bug-free, and as safe as possible from hackers. If you have the time, the confidence, and the inclination, then you could do them yourself rather than investing in a WordPress management company to do it for you.

Here’s a video to demonstrate how to update your WordPress site:


¹ Assumes you have current licences for any premium plugins. If not, we will ignore those plugins;
² A comprehensive site test is not practical after every update. We take a very quick look to make sure your site is still working, as well as a spot check on certain functional areas if they may have been impacted by a plugin update;
³ Most update issues can be fixed within a few minutes. If one of these affects your website we will resolve it without additional cost to you. If a fix is likely to take longer we will estimate the cost for you, suggest appropriate alternatives, or back the update out for you.

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