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Although we’ve written specifically about the risks to WordPress websites in a blog post some time ago, it’s fair to say that any website can be the successful target of a hacking attempt.

Most website owners don’t worry about hacking until after the event, by which time it may already be seriously impacting their brand and the precious online presence they have taken so much care and time building up.

Building a website for your business and then not bothering to harden it against malicious activity is like leaving the keys to your business premises on the outside of the door – it only takes someone to wander by with bad intentions and they’re in!

Effects of hacking can be extremely serious, and actually might not be obvious to you until much later. It can take some time to recover your website, and it can be costly to engage professionals to harden your site to protect against future attacks.

Whilst no website can be completely immune, there are practical steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of malware appearing on your website, and to speed up recovery if the worst happens.

There are plenty of plugins to help you better protect your WordPress site against hackers, such as Wordfence. They all have similarities as well as subtle differences. We like Sucuri, because it protects all kinds of website, not just WordPress.

Introducing Sucuri

Pretty much the industry leader in website protection and clean-up is Sucuri. You can submit your own site for malware scanning free-of-charge, but they also offer a premium service that offers many more options, including frequent proactive scanning and reporting plus free priority clean-up if your site does become infected with malware.

The cost of single-site protection with Sucuri is $89.99 per year, but we can offer this service to our clients for just £48+vat per year as part of our multi-site licence. Not only does this represent an annual 10% saving, but we also install and configure it on your website for you.

Are your keys left on the outside of your door?

Is website peace of mind worth just 13p per day to your business?

Get in touch to start protecting your website today!

Call on +44 (0)1793 740964 or email me at [email protected] to start protecting your website.

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