What are Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?

The major search engines, notably Google and Bing but others too, allow Website owners to pay for entry into their Sponsored Listing displays (Google displays these down the right-hand side of their search results page) with a pay per click marketing campaign. The way this works varies between providers, but essentially:

  1. You build a list of keywords and key phrases that you believe people may use to search for your products or services
  2. You allocate this keyword list to an Advert Group which will be used to market one area of your business
  3. You create one or more adverts that can be displayed when users search for one of these keywords
  4. You nominate an amount that you would be prepared to pay if a search engine user sees your advert and clicks on it to go through to your website
  5. The higher you bid, the higher your advert is likely to be seen. Typically, a bid would be somewhere between £0.10 and £2. Competitive keywords can be much higher!

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Who Are Search Engine Marketing Campaigns For ?

Any Website Owner, from Individuals running hobby Websites to large Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations run Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. Obviously, their budgets may be very different, but they fundamentally choose such campaigns for the same reasons – MORE WEBSITE TRAFFIC!

Why would I want a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

You have a website and you will want to encourage as many people as possible to visit it. A subset of these visitors will take a closer look once they are on the site, and a subset of these will then register an interest in your company. It is then up to you to convert that lead into a real customer! The problem is that unless you tell people that you have a website (and where to find it!) they are not going to know it is there. The objective, therefore, is to make your website visible to as many individuals and companies who are most likely to want your product or service. Part of this problem is solved by placing keywords within the website text itself, and also within the code that makes up your website, that will help the search engines to find your site. This is no doubt being done for your website as part of its build, but it can take the major search engines many months to find your site if it is relatively new, and to start placing it in relevant search result listings. Even when the search engines finally index it, you may be placed too far down the search listings to be found in many cases – how often have you paged past the first few pages of search results to find something you want? You need to be able to attract highly relevant visitors from day one to start getting some payback for the cost of your website!

What will my Web Marketing Campaign Cost?

Our Standard Service

(from £75+VAT Monthly + Set-up)

We review your website and discuss your key requirements. We create Advert Groups for your products or services, supported by a comprehensive range of keywords and phrases that we will derive from discussion with yourselves and from our experience of similar campaigns. You receive a monthly summary report with key performance data and our views on how the Campaign could develop.

We take complete responsibility for the Creation and Management of your Web Marketing Campaign for a fixed fee – including paying for your clicks! – delivering an agreed minimum number of highly targetted visitors to your website each month.

Our Bespoke Service

(Daily Rate Applies)

We work with you to understand your business and your website. We help you to create your Pay-Per-Click campaign, building your Advert Groups with you and finding the right level of Advert Headline and Copy, and developing a comprehensive range of keywords to support your campaign. We can then assist in the ongoing review and maintenance of the campaign at whatever level of involvement you like!

We will tailor a package for you to Develop and Support your Web Marketing Campaign in whichever way suits your requirements and your budget.

What can I expect from the Pay-per-Click Campaign?

Every campaign is different, and so we can give no guarantees as to the amount of new business your Campaign will deliver. We will assess your campaign and give you our honest appraisal of its chances of success. Not all campaigns will succeed – maybe your product/service is already highly competitive within the pay-per-click marketplace, meaning that the cost of marketing is not going to be covered by adequate sales.

If this is our expectation, then we will tell you.

Obviously, we can only drive relevant visitors to your website. Once they are there it very much depends on the appeal of your website, its ease of use, and relevance to those visitors, that determines how much business you will generate. If you feel that your Conversion Rate (the rate at which you are persuading Website visitors to do what you want them to do – registering, buying, subscribing etc.) is too low, then let us help you to make your Website more appealing and, most importantly, more relevant to your would-be customers.

Contact us for more information.

We believe that Pay-per-Click campaigns could become a powerful addition to your overall Marketing Programme, and would be pleased to help you to assess its relevance to you, and implement a campaign on your behalf. We have specific experience of managing successful campaigns and can help you to develop yours. Our in-house developed toolkit helps us to generate hundreds of keyword combinations, and enables us to manage many advert groups, each containing many adverts with hundreds of keywords to ensure that your products and services get the maximum coverage. We build highly targetted adverts, ensuring that visitors know what your site offers before they decide whether or not to click through to your website thereby maintaining a high visitor relevancy.

What do I do next?

Please contact us now to find out more. Your Pay-per-Click Website Marketing Campaign could be bringing new visitors to your Website within the next 24 hours!

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