WordPress Performance Plan

Why do I need a WordPress Performance Plan?

" racing bikes showing that faster is better when it comes to websitesWordPress is a great content management system, allowing you to easily build a great-looking site and manage your content in an intuitive manner. It offers a vast range of themes and plugins. However, this comes at a price, and that price includes your site performance.

Each time a visitor browses a page on your website, WordPress has to execute tons of code to dynamically build the page from its database.

It takes time for this to happen, and if several visitors are using your site at the same time, this can have a severe impact on your server resources.

In addition, if you have lots of images on your page these can slow your page load times even further – especially if the images are large.

Most WordPress users don’t bother resizing their images prior to uploading them to their website. This means that they are often too big for the job, and every time the page is loaded WordPress has to resize them, using up memory and (you guessed it) slowing the page load speed even further.

Google gives a ranking priority to fast-loading websites, so if your site takes more than a couple of seconds to load it is likely to lose out to your competition. You can check your website speed here. Choose the testing location that is closest to your server location for the most accurate result.

What does this WordPress Performance Plan do?

We install 2 premium plugins – one which caches your website content and another which optimises your images. The combined effect is that your website pages are smaller AND they get delivered more efficiently.

This caching works better than typical free caching plugins. We set it up so that pages are pre-loaded into the cache, as much as possible. This means that when visitors view a page they will see a ‘saved’ version of the page, rather than getting WordPress to build a fresh one for them. When pages are updated, the caching system will replace the old saved version with the fresh new one.

The image optimisation works by cutting down the filesize of each of your images without visibly impacting the quality of the images. Our installation process optimises all of your existing images and will optimise all new images that you add thereafter. The original images are stored on your web server, so you can restore any or all of them to their original condition if you need to.

To get an idea of the sort of improvements you might expect, here are ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots, showing how the load speed of one of the sites on our performance plan improved.

The first screenshot shows how the site performed before we applied our performance package, taking just over 3 seconds to load…

WordPress Performance Plan 1

The second screenshot shows how the site performed immediately after we had applied our performance package. As you can see, almost 1.4 seconds were wiped off the page load time…

WordPress Performance Plan 2

The above results are typical of what you might expect.

How much does it cost?

Our Performance Plan is available on a quarterly, biannual, or annual payment plan, as follows:

£27+vat per quarter£43+vat every 6 months£70+vat annually


It will take us a few hours to get the package installed, after which results will be immediate! So, get in touch with us now and we’ll deliver a performance improvement that will impress your visitors and the search engines…

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