Wordpress Development, Hosting and Aftercare

Whether you’re a new business wanting to make a big impact or an established business wanting a fresh website to take you to the next stage

We will build a website that will grow with you, and then maintain it for you afterwards (if you want us to!).

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New Business Owner

Are you a start-up business that needs an online web presence? Website for a new brand launch?

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Established Business

Do you have a website that needs updating? Professional help to take it to the next level?

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WordPress Developer

Do you or your agency need specialist WordPress support or assistance? More hands to the pumps?

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Website owner

Do you need help increasing traffic, converting more visitors, removing malware or speeding up your site?

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I need more traffic!

We help grow your traffic through technical SEO (fixing bad practice to help search engines work better for you)

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English business in France

Engage with millions more customers by getting a professional French translation of your website.

What’s happening in our world

Fix preloader icon issue preventing page load

My WordPress site just displays the preloader icon

Since WP Rocket v3.9 there is a chance that your WordPress website is no longer loading due to a change in the way that ‘Delay Javascript Execution’ works.

Important to spell check and grammar check website content for SEO

Grow your website traffic by getting your spelling and grammar right

We keep getting told that first impressions really count – and they do. When visitors arrive at your website, they expect a great visitor experience. If your visitors are confronted with a page full of poor spelling and grammar, they are likely to bounce away to one of your competitors. That’s a poor experience.

Screenshot from Elementor home page

Why does Elementor only display 5 blog pages?

Why has Elementor started only displaying 5 blog post pages in it’s pagination? Here’s how to fix if you want to change it.

blue wordpress logo lanyard

Why choose WordPress – what’s the fuss?

We decided to become WordPress experts because we believe it to be a great, cost-effective platform for small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s packed full of functionality and a great content management system – in fact, WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but developed into much more.

Data Centre First Backups Needed

What’s Your Website Backup Strategy?

Your website is critically important to your business, but when was it last backed-up? Could you afford the time or money to rebuild your website from scratch?

This could be what you need to do if you have a website failure and don’t have a website backup strategy in place.

Can I use a chatbot or live chat on my WordPress website?

Most website owners aren’t missing out if they don’t have live chat or chatbot on their website. For some businesses it can be useful. Here are some options.

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