Can my host shut down my website?

You may ask yourself the question: “can my host shut down my website?”. We recently had a client whose website was suspended because it contained malware. Some hosts will automatically take a website offline if they detect that it has been hacked. This protects other sites on the server, and might also prevent the server ip address from being blacklisted.

So, yes your site can be suspended by your host if they spot malware on it. You can reduce the risk of your site getting malware by regularly updating your site, and by installing a method of regularly checking your site for malware. An uptime monitor would also be useful, for example, if the worst happens and your site does get taken down: at least you will find out quickly and your website downtime will be kept to a minimum. We offer a WordPress Care Package (if you have a WordPress website), which will look after all of this for you.

Your host can also suspend your website if you have not paid your hosting bill. So make sure you have set up an automatic renewal of your hosting plan, or at the very least whitelisted the email address of your web hosting company, to make sure their reminder emails don’t drop into your spam folder. As a final belts and braces assurance – why not add a reminder to your calendar or other to-do list app to make sure you don’t miss the renewal date?

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