Responsive tables in WordPress websites

This is one of our smaller recent projects - April 3, 2014

Our client wanted a couple of tables to appear on their pricing page to deliver a clear comparison between their offering and that of their typical competitors.

We tried various plugins (such as Tablepress and WP Pricing Tables), but had a few problems with them – they weren’t completely responsive (meaning that they didn’t display well on mobile devices) and the row / column formatting went a bit weird on several browsers, especially when a column had more lines of text than other columns in the same row.responsive tables

As there was no other need for tables on the site we decided to implement a combination of CSS and simple HTML to deliver the desired effect. Whilst plugins are often a good idea, as they offer a solution that can be managed by website owners and which are regularly updated by the plugin authors, they can sometimes ‘bloat’ a website with unnecessary code that impacts performance, they can conflict with other plugins, and they can pose a security risk if they are not updated or if they come from an unreliable source.

We have a full blog post here that explains how you might create responsive tables in your WordPress site.

So, if you have a client who is willing and able to do a little more manual effort to maintain his pages, a hand-crafted HTML and CSS solution might be the most appropriate way to go. Why not get in touch?

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