Project Management

What exactly is a Project?

At DMJ we like to think of a Project as anything a business does that cannot be described as ‘Business-as-usual’.

So, for example, running the payroll and carrying out routine maintenance on your server network are not projects, whereas implementing a new business strategy or developing a website are most certainly projects.

A project needs to be recognised as something different from your normal day-to-day business. It needs a definition, a budget, resources, and most importantly, planning….

Martin Jarvis, Managing Director

What does Project Management mean?

Cost, Quality, and Timescale - the 3 most important aspects of any Project!

Strictly speaking, a successful project is one which completes within an agreed timescale, to an agreed cost, and to a quality that is acceptable to the project sponsor. We are sure there are many other definitions, but all should just be variations on the ‘Cost, Quality, Timescale’ theme.

There are, of course, many ways to achieve a successful project, and the role of a good Project Manager is to control your project and its resources (or assets), understanding the constraints placed upon it, and to manage risk so that the ‘cost, quality and timescale’ objectives are achieved.

Our Project Management Methodology

risks and issues graphicOur preferred method for managing projects is just, well, “Common sense” – we get things done! We can use the Prince-2 methodology as the methodology for our managed projects. This framework is recognised worldwide, and not just for IT projects. Poor use of Prince-2 can result in projects becoming overburdened with paperwork, more beaurocratic, and less focused on delivering what counts, and so we tailor its use according to the size and complexity of each project to make sure that it benefits rather than hinders the project.

Our projects are properly planned and tracked, using the tools that we think are appropriate for your project, and we maintain both risk logs and issue logs specific to your project for its entire duration.

What our Clients say…

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