English – French Website Translation

Why Translate Your Website?

Your website is readily available to anyone around the world, and yet not everyone in the world speaks your language! Certainly, the main Global business language might be English, but a lot of people prefer to interact with websites in their native tongue.

If your UK business needs to sell its product or service in France or a French-speaking territory, then having your website translated into French will be an essential step in achieving this.

If your business is able to sell its product or service overseas but does not currently do so, then consider the lost sales potential. You are possibly only selling to the tiniest subset of the world’s population, even though a growing majority of that population is online – and may be looking for your products!

Introduction To Our Website Translation Service

When translating websites, we do so from the ground up! We only translate between English and French – but why?


We do not just screen print the web pages and translate word-for-word, which can lead to inappropriate and incomplete translation.

We do look at all of your website content, including your back-end database content, alternate image text, and form data, and then provide a comprehensive translation of your entire website which is sympathetic to the target language.

Below is an example of a site we recently translated for a training and consulting firm:

English - French Website Translation 1
English - French Website Translation 2

How Much Will My Website Cost To Translate?

We will agree on a flat rate per one thousand words that are translated.
This includes all of the main text on the website, plus navigation, alternate image text (the text that shows up when you hover your mouse over an image), and any database text that is displayed on the screen.
There will be an additional charge for Database work, any special website coding (for instance, PHP code that is language-specific), and any image/logo/banner design work.
We will make it clear to you, before we begin work, how these extra costs will be calculated. If you prefer to have a fixed-price quotation, then we would be happy to provide one.

As a general guide, translation of a simple 5-page website with average content should cost less than £500.
A more complex 10-page website, with forms and database logic, should cost between £1200 and £1700.

Contact Us now to find out how soon your website could be up and running, and how little it might cost!

Good websites don’t just have to be designed, they need to be built and delivered so that they are free from defects, perform effectively, integrate cleanly and securely with back-end systems and databases, and are easy to maintain.

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