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With visitors to your website making a decision to stay or leave within 8 seconds, it's vital that your brand is immediately visible and understood.

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19 Mar, 2015

“What is the one thing everyone should immediately know about your brand?”

When it comes to company branding, simple is most definitely better, and being direct is key or you risk losing your audience as soon as they land. But for many, branding is a complete mystery – something you know you have to get right for your business, but you’re not sure why, or how! Some companies don’t even know they don’t have a brand!

This can be especially concerning when you realise you only have a few seconds (8 seconds to be precise according to a study on human attention span) to make or break, attract or repel. You can’t afford to have anything blurry!

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So every precious second is critically important,
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So ok maybe you’ve got a brand, and you’re happy with how it’s attracting customers, and not considering a refresh. That’s great, but have you considered how old your brand is, and how things may have changed in your industry since your brand was launched? The one thing we can rely on is CHANGE – and it affects every business continually. How people perceive and choose which businesses to use or buy from has changed enormously over the past few decades even. 40-50 years ago it was a sellers’ market, businesses were more locally orientated, customer loyalty was easier to get and even easier to keep by simply having a friendly face you recognised.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness was not made by the internet, but carried via word of mouth and those companies who could afford to advertise on TV were not necessarily the ones who grew the fastest. These days customer loyalty is extremely hard to achieve and almost impossible to keep. Offering a discount for repeat business simply earns short-term loyalty, just stop and think of how many loyalty cards you have in your wallet. Does the offer of a free coffee after you buy 10 make you return to that coffee house? Probably just as much as the ‘other’ coffee house that’s offering exactly the same. The ugly truth is that marketing has turned sour for many companies, with so many promotional offers affecting their bottom line some get desperate and turn to slightly underhand tactics to increase data capture.

Brand Maintenance

This is where brand maintenance comes in – it’s all about establishing respect, trust, and eventually loyalty. Everyone wants to use a brand they can trust. So what does your brand say about you? Is it saying the right things? Could it be stronger?

Keeping it simple means getting the right messages instantly absorbed by the right audience. Your brand has to work hard to say the right things to the right people, from your logo all the way to the person who picks up the phone. Every ‘hello’ really does count, and that hello needs to be consistently communicated through every stimulus – visual, auditory, and subliminally. If this has made you think about your brand and whether you should be looking at it in a different way – the customer’s viewpoint, you’ll appreciate this free paper written by our branding expert – who’s been creating successful brands for over 20 years.

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