Buddypress WordPress plugin to remove profile links

If you use the BuddyPress WordPress plugin you might have noticed that some spurious links are automatically generated for text in your profile fields. These links help visitors search for the same keywords in other profiles, but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to switch this off, or to manage the links so that only useful keywords become links.

As an example, here’s some link text that BuddyPress added to my own profile on one of my websites.

BuddyPress profile screenshot

After a look around BuddyPress itself, and a search on the web, I came across the ‘Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress’ plugin. As well as allowing you to remove the random links from your profile fields, it also allows your users to put square brackets around words in their profile fields that they would like turned into links. The plugin is in the WordPress repository, although it hasn’t been maintained recently and so could have some compatibility issues. It’s worth trying though.

Screenshot of how to remove random BuddyPress profile links

To use this plugin, simply install it into your site and activate it. However, to customise it to remove links from your profile fields you will need to edit one of the plugin files. The file is called custom-profile-filters-for-buddypress.php and it lives in the plugin folder. Edit the file by using FTP and add a comma-separated list of the fields that you want links removed from.

Snapshot of php code to edit BuddyPress plugin

One of the downsides of using this plugin is that it does remove other formatting that users might have added to their profile fields too. For example, the line-breaks in the example above.

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