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Client Brief : A French Travel Website

This was a personal project of my own, and so close to my heart. A little background… I have owned a property in France for about 20 years and, until recently, had made it available for holiday rentals and had used this domain to essentially market the site. My wife and I now use the house more often and want to keep it for ourselves, so the question was : what to do with the website?

I didn’t want to lose the domain name and wanted to somehow retain, and perhaps improve, the good search engine traffic that the site was getting and so chose to redevelop the site as a general information resource that could be used by English-speakers who lived, worked, owned business or visited Western France. The site would essentially be a multi-contributor French travel website / blog, and would hopefully attract advertisers with products or services available in the area. I realise that this is perhaps not a sound business justification on its own, but I also felt the site could showcase my own skills, attracting potential new clients looking for cost-effective, yet impressive blogging solutions, or french-related websites – for example, property sales or rentals.

The objective was to have a practical solution in place, including migration of existing website content to the new site, within 2-3 days of development time.

Our Solution

Travel blog / website with google maps and image sliderAs you can see from the finished site we have built it to function as a sophisticated blog, with a nice slider control to display featured posts and images, and have also incorporated some mapping software so that the location of each post can be shown on a Google Map and associated with the post. This will help those visiting the area to quickly identify things that have been posted about the area they are visiting.

There are a lot of static pages too, which initially hold the content from the previous incarnation of the site, but which will ultimately be expanded to include more regional information.

Overall, we are delighted with the result and have already encouraged several people with an interest in the area to post content on a regular basis. The traffic to the site has increased in the two weeks since launch, and we expect this to keep climbing now with continual and varied contributions from our bloggers and from my efforts at link building and other techniques to get people to visit the site (and stay!).

Why not take a look at the finished French travel website?

What does the client think?

As you might imagine – the client is very pleased and is looking forward to lots more new clients as a result 🙂

Other clients are pleased with us too…

Take a look at what our other clients say about our Website design and building, and about our web marketing services. we use the service so that you can be sure that these are real testimonials written by real people about the services we have actually delivered.

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