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Martin Jarvis helps businesses attract more search engine traffic to their websitesAs somebody who has lived and breathed conventional, corporate IT systems for 30 years, I was rather late to the table when it came to website development and marketing. Building computer systems for me in the past just involved satisfying the requirements of large clients to build a mainframe, client-server or PC-based system for use by their own employees. There was never any requirement for the system to be found by people external to the organisation, and so whilst I have excellent software development skills I have had to develop many new skills to help the software that I am now writing (such as websites and weblogs) get discovered by thousands of people.

This blog is all about the lessons I have learned (and am still learning) about optimising websites so that search engine users can easily find my content when it is relevant to what they are searching for. Hopefully, as well as acting as an aide-memoire for me when working on my own, or my clients, websites in the future, it will offer some useful help to others who find themselves in the position I was in 3 or 4 years ago.

…Making sure that these thousands of search engine users engage with my website when they do find it is another matter, and (rest assured) will be the subject of a further blog.

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