How do I know which version of Firefox I’m using?

Martin Jarvis

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Security Vulnerability with Firefox

There has been a little publicity concerning a security breach in the very latest version of Firefox (v16). Apparently, a vulnerability has been discovered that can allow malicious users to find out what websites you have visited.

Mozilla have issued instructions on how to downgrade Firefox to V15.0.1 if you have already upgraded to version 16, although no users should have been automatically upgraded.

What’s my browser version?

Aside from this latest issue, it really is a good idea to keep your browsers (whichever ones you use – Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera etc) as up-to-date as possible. Just in case you’re not sure how to check which version of browser you are using, here’s a quick video guide – it refers to Firefox, but the principles are similar for other browsers).

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the warning Martin. For those like me with little technical background can so easily be swayed into having the latest and the newest without knowing enough about what we are doing.
    Thanks again

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