How to add Breakdance image galleries in WordPress

A great feature of the Breakdance builder for WordPress is its image gallery functionality. Here's a video to show you how to add your first image gallery.
27 Oct, 2022

The recently (2022) launched Breakdance website builder for WordPress looks like it is going to be a really big deal. It’s a similar, but simpler to understand, offering to the Oxygen builder that has been around for a few years now.

One of the best features of Breakdance is a highly flexible image gallery module. This video explains how to add and manipulate images in the Breakdance gallery. It also explores some of the many customisation options, like styling your galleries, creating multiple galleries with filter bars, lightbox functionality, and image animation effects.

If you like Breakdance, but are struggling to understand how image galleries work, let us know and we’ll try to help out.


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