How to get people to link to your website or blog

I’m sure most people are aware that one of the best ways to build the search engine effectiveness of your site is to get as many other sites as possible to link to yours. the link at the foot of this post shows you some great ways to get those links, but first bear in mind the following when seeking out links…

  1. Choose credible sites – by credible, I mean sites that are already well-ranked by Google and which get some traffic;
  2. Choose relevant sites – all links are generally good, but much better if the content on the site is relevant to your own content in some way;
  3. Choose sites that allow their pagerank to flow to you – if you don’t know how to check, you should view the source of the page where you want the link to appear and then see whether the attribute ‘nofollow’ is applied to the links on the page. If it is, then this link won’t give you any search engine link juice (although it might still be useful if the site gets plenty of real visitors that will click on your link);
Anyway, back to the main subject of the post, here are 25 reasons why another site will link to yours. It’s written by Ken McGaffin, the Chief Marketing Officer at Wordtracker.

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