Quick Tip #5 – Ignore SEO companies who promise the impossible

This tip can actually save you money – so please pay attention.

It is impossible for anyone to guarantee that they can get you to the top of the organic google (or other major engine) search results, and yet many businesses still hand over their hard-earned money to SEO companies who claim just that.

For a start, they claim this without knowing what search phrases are important to your business, so they cannot know how competitive your search terms are going to be. Second, nobody knows how the search engine ranking formulae work, and they change regularly, so how can they guarantee to get you to number 1 (and more’s the point, keep you there)?

Sure, they could suggest that you add the phrase ‘teasing tipplers of the world unite’ to your web page, and then show you how you can search Google for this phrase and see your website at the top. But, how often do you think anybody will search for that phrase? Answer – never! So what’s the point?

So ignore these companies and their claims, and find yourself a reputable SEO company that spends time understanding YOUR requirements first. Better still, if your business can spare you, why not work through the hints and tips in this blog, and perhaps subscribe so that you don’t miss anything new, and do it yourself?


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