Using WP-POLLS for my WordPress Polls and Surveys

Just re-purposed this old blog post from 2010. Let’s transport ourselves back to 2010 first. Here’s what we said then…

It’s early days for us, but we have started to dot some examples of wp-polls about the website. This is a WordPress plug-in developed by Lester Chan that allows WordPress users to easily insert multiple polls into their website. Each poll can have a question plus any number of answers. The poll owner gets to decide where to display the poll, and whether multiple answers can be selected. All active polls can be displayed, or you can choose individual ones, or even polls chosen at random, to display. each can have an expiry date or can be left to never expire. Votes cast can be displayed in a number of ways (including graphical).

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Take a look at some of our other Polls – we’re trying not to go bonkers with them!

Roll forward to 2019. What options are available now for adding polls and surveys to WordPress sites?

Polls and Survey plugins for WordPress in 2019

Responsive design has come a long way since 2010, so maybe the Responsive Poll plugin is a better bet? We haven’t used it, but according to the stats quite a few are.

We use Gravity Forms on a lot of sites. There is now a Polls AddOn for Gravity Forms, which we have used (and like). You’ll need the Gravity Forms Elite membership ($259), but that will also get you a bunch of other great AddOns (including Quizes and Surveys), so plenty of great options if you’re already using Gravity Forms.

So, what about the original WP Polls plugin? Has Lester Chan been developing it further? Is it still even active? Well, yes indeed – now with over 100,000 downloads. Does it stand the test of time? Let us know by commenting below, and also let us know what else you are using for Polls and Surveys in your WordPress site.

Benefits of polls and surveys

External providers like Surveymonkey have clearly spotted a need for polls and surveys. They are a great way to get your audience to tell you stuff. They are a super engagement tool that can keep visitors on your site long enough for Google to consider you a good value ranking prospect. Using a WordPress plugin to manage your polls also keeps your visitors on your website, rather than sending them off somewhere else to fill out their details, and generally the plugins are free (although if you want some super functionality it may be worth paying for it).


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  1. admin says:

    We have recently launched a new client website called Crowdwise, using a highly-tailored version of wp-polls. The site allows registered members to post questions that get answered by Crowdwise visitors. Using “The Wisdom of Crowds” the site hopes to deliver more accurate answers to questions than experts can provide.

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