Getting around WordPress Events Manager plugin conflict problems

I recently came across an issue when upgrading the Events Manager WordPress plugin on one of the sites we manage. I really like this plugin and so wanted to resolve the issue rather than just searching for another plugin to do the same thing.

Upgrading the plugin resulted in the following error…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_home_path() in …/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 128

If you get this problem the first thing you’ll need to do is to rename the event manager plugin using FTP. This will at least allow you to get back to your WordPress dashboard so that you can figure out what’s wrong.

Once you can get back to viewing your plugins list in the dashboard you should deactivate all plugins, then activate each plugin in turn. After you activate each plugin you should activate and then deactivate the Event Manager plugin. This way, you’ll see whether there are any conflicts that need to be fixed (or worked around).

As soon as you find the plugin that is conflicting, you need to deactivate it, then activate the Event Manager plugin, and then activate all the other plugins. This doesn’t resolve the real problem, which you’ll need to contact your plugin developer to resolve, but at least it will get your site up and running.

My own conflict occurred between the BP Group Documents plugin and the Events Manager plugin (see below), and simply activating the events manager plugin before the BP group documents plugin got me over the problem.

WordPress plugin list screenshot

WP plugin list screenshot

I hope this helps you if you have the same problem. If it doesn’t, and you need a bit of help, please let me know – we manage lots of WordPress websites and can generally sort things out quickly.

Credit goes to the conversation here that helped me resolve this.

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