Brochure Website for a print & media design company

Case study for a print and media design client who wanted a simple, single-page brochure website based on his own designs.
23 Jul, 2010

Client Brief: A simple brochure website to market print and media services to the Education Sector

My client is developing a business to supply print and media design services to, principally, the Education market. Typically, their clients will be schools, colleges, and universities that want to produce high-quality promotional material such as magazines and prospectus. The initial requirement was just for a straightforward website, for which the client provided the design work, that delivered a web presence that could be modified via a content management system.

Our Solution

Yellowtorpedo - magazines and websites for the education marketWe have delivered the content management system via the WordPress framework. Whilst the development was straightforward, due to most of the design work and content being provided by the client, there were several difficulties.

Firstly, the company with whom my client had registered the domain name made it very difficult for him to point the domain to a different name server. The original intention was for the website to be hosted on a DMJ server, and the site was developed with this in mind.

Secondly, as we had developed the site in WordPress to provide a good CMS for the client, there was a requirement to add MySql (as WordPress needs MySql to function) to the services provided by the domain hosting company. This would have had an additional cost impact on my client and so we needed to find a way around the problem.

Whilst the client has several pages on the website which are still under construction but which will not be ready for some time, he does not envisage many short-term changes to the site.

Our solution was to continue running a ‘development-mode’ version of the site on our server, allowing WordPress to function normally and for changes to be made to the site in the short term. Static HTML files for each page of the site were then created from the WordPress-generated HTML and then moved to his hosting area. This means that the site can run on the existing limited server without MySql whilst ensuring that when the client moves his site from his current to the DMJ web server all of the components should be in place for the site to continue running sweetly.

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