Problems with WordPress’ Flipping Book plugin?

Example flipping book showing a guestbook from a holiday property rental siteI have been experimenting with the WordPress FlippingBook Gallery plugin recently as I think it could be useful to a few of my current and (hopefully) future clients. For those who aren’t aware of it, this plugin produces one of those cool effects that allow jpg and png files to be combined into an online book that has proper paging effects, such as a swishing movement when pages are turned.

Whilst these books are functionally and practically really no better than a well-designed website image gallery, and take a little putting together to make look really effective, they can be really impressive and offer website visitors something a little more interesting than the normal content. For example, they could be used to make your holiday rental property guestbook available online so that your web visitors get to see the real words written by your guests in their own handwriting (see our example on the right). Whilst this can be fiddly to put together, and time consuming to keep scanning and uploading more pages as they change, it can be an effective tool in persuading your visitors that they are real testimonials.

Have a play with the example on the right – you need to click the image then, once the book pops up, you can page through it by clicking the bottom corners of each page, or by using the navigation, or by double-clicking on the page to turn it.

We like it and can see a number of possibilities to use this to make some of our own content more appealing, as well as for our clients (e.g. brochures, newsletters etc. and anything where you want to give your customers the opportunity of saving the planet by providing an online version of your printed materials – if your website doesn’t already do this!).

We did come across a few glitches when installing, configuring and using the flippingbook plugin, the most confusing of which was having to change the file attributes of some of the images in the gallery to at least ‘644’ before the book would display its contents.

What do you use it for? Can you see a use for it on your website? Get in touch and ask us to help.

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4 Responses to “Problems with WordPress’ Flipping Book plugin?”

  1. Richard says:

    Ref: “Flipping Book Plugin”
    I cannot get this to work.
    My book name is Disney2
    I am using code [book id=’Disney2′ /] and/ or [book id=’1′ /]
    When I open the page I get:
    “Get Adobe Flash Player” plus a link to the plugin site.
    I have upgraded Flash player.
    I am using wp 3.1.3 ON Atahualpa 3.6.7 theme.
    Can you advise please.

  2. Martin Jarvis says:

    Hi Richard.
    Adding the shortcode for your book should work ok, so I’m not sure why you have problems. What link url does this generate when you open the page / post? Does it look something like… and does your flipping book actually exist in that folder?
    I’m happy to take a quick look if you can send me over admin access into your site (don’t publish it here, though. Send it via my contact page)

  3. Kelsey says:

    Having trouble with my flippingbook. The “manage books” will not load, when I try to create a new book, it won’t load. Nothing seems to be working and I cannot figure out the issue.

    The book exists under the “Press” pages and you can see the errors when clicking on the header for Press.

    • Kelsey.
      If you email across your WordPress username and password (privately via my contact page, and not on this thread) I’ll take a very quick look to see if I can fix it for you.
      Best regards, Martin

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