Quick Tip #6 – Plenty of well-written, original content

Link building is very important in developing the SEO for your site. It’s all very well going out looking for forums, directory sites, friends site etc to link to you, but here’s an idea!…

…why not put really interesting, well-written and original content on your website so that other sites link to you because you’re worth linking to? Write articles yourself, focusing on your skills and experiences, and place them on your site so that your visitors can freely access them (i.e. without asking people to register first – don’t forget that search engines cannot log in / register on your site). Try not to copy what others have already written – a different viewpoint to the norm can often bring extra traffic. Do build your keywords and phrases into your articles, but don’t do it to the detriment of the overall article – don’t forget, the objective of this particular exercise is make your content attractive to real, human readers.

Once you have created some great articles, why not start adding teasers on some of the well used networking and article sites. This should hopefully bring some good traffic on its own, but might also encourage those readers to add a link to you from their own websites.

Adding articles will also give the search engines more content from your site to add to their indexes.

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