Website Speed – How Fast Is Your Website?

Many businesses spend thousands building their websites, and then forget to optimise them to get the best speed possible for their budgets.

Find out how fast your website is and let us know if you want it even faster.

10 Oct, 2016

By now we all know that website speed is important, and that a fast loading website is better than a slow loading one. Your visitors think so, and are more likely to engage with you if they get a fast response. Google think so too, which is why you get a little search engine boost if your website loads quickly.

How do you know how fast your site is, and even more pertinent, how does it compare with other websites?

With Pingdom you can see how fast your site loads (in seconds), and whereabouts it ranks compared to all of the other sites they have tested. There’s a stack of other information if you want to get some ideas on things you could do to improve things further.

30-40 websites are tested every minute on Pingdom, and we’ve been using it for a few years now, so they have plenty of comparative sites to make your result pretty accurate.

Website speed summary results are displayed as in our example below, showing how large your page is, how long it took to load, and how that compares to the other sites Pingdom have tested. It will also show you where your bottlenecks are, and how much time each element of your page is taking to load.

Screenshot from Pingdom showing how fast a website loads

Best results will generally be obtained by small, html website pages (typically, less than 1mb in size) which are hosted on fast servers. You are likely to see a poorer result if you’re running a WordPress site on a shared host with thousands of other sites, for example.

If your result shows a performance grade below ‘C’ it implies that there are some ‘best practice’ techniques that you are not using, and which might speed up your site. This might mean you are not combining files, optimising images, using compression, caching your content etc.

Have you tested your website speed lately?

Take the test here and then let us know how it went in our poll below. Just enter your domain name, then select the location which is closest to where your website is hosted.

How Fast Is Your Website? Test it with the Pingdom link (above) and then let us know how you got on.

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