WordPress.com attracts 200 million visitors a month

Quantcast places WordPress 19th in the USA

According to Quantcast, the website audience measurement company, wordpress.com is now the 19th most popular site for US visitors.

Wordpress audience statisticsAs a measure of the growth of WordPress this is remarkable in itself, but don’t forget this doesn’t include all the sites that are self-hosted. Any way you look at it, a huge proportion of internet traffic is landing on a WordPress page somewhere in the World, and it looks like the trend is for this to grow further as more businesses start to realise that WordPress is a credible web development platform.

WordPress.com actually ranks number 1 in the UK, but the UK figures only include websites that Quantcast has ‘quantified’, so it is not as reliable a measure as the US ones.

Note : We previously had a link to the WordPress stats on Quantcast, but these have since been removed.

Should I have a WordPress website too?


Most of the websites we build are WordPress sites these days. The power and flexibility of the framework means there is very little that cannot be achieved, and the fact that WordPress powers 14% of the World’s Top 1 million websites should be proof enough that it can scale, if required.

We are WordPress experts, and will deliver a website that works for you. Contact us and join the revolution today!

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