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Do I need an SSL certificate?

SSL ensures that traffic between server and browser is encrypted. It uses https instead of http and results in the familiar padlock and green address bar in your browser. You should definitely have one if you collect sensitive information (e.g. card details) on your website. Google say they now give a slight ranking boost to sites that use SSL. So even if you don’t collect sensitive data, it is likely to be a good idea to use SSL across your entire site. Contact us if you’d like to go SSL.

Can my host just shut down my website?

We recently had a client whose website was suspended because it contained malware. Some hosts will automatically take a website offline if they detect that it has been hacked. This protects other sites on the server, and might also prevent the server ip address being blacklisted.

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Google Analytics

What does “Not Set” mean in my search keywords list?

You’re probably using an old version of the Google Analytics tracking code. Visit your website, click ‘View Source’ to have a look at your html, and the see if you can find the string ‘urchin.js’ in the html. If you do you’ll need to replace this analytics code with a fresh set that you can get from the ‘Tracking Info’ panel in your Google Analytics account. Google purchased Urchin in 2005 and then evolved their analytics product into Google Analytics. They retired Urchin in 2012.

What does “Not Provided” mean in my search keywords list?

When search users are logged in to a Google Product (e.g. Google+, Adwords, Gmail etc.) when they use Google their web search is executed over SSL. This prevents referral information (including search terms) from being passed to Google Analytics, resulting in the search term being recorded as “Not Provided”. You can use other means to find the search terms that bring traffic to your site, such as Google Webmaster Tools though.

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Google Adwords

Is there any way to pause your google adwords campaign?

Just go to your campaign list and click the pause button alongside the campaign you want to pause. Then just click again when you want to resume the campaign.

If i increase my daily spend do I increase my cpc?

No, the two are unrelated. You set your budget, which is the total amount you will spend in a day. You can also set your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) which determines the amount of money you could pay each time someone clicks your ad. So if you increase your CPC you may get fewer clicks as you will pay more for each click and so use up your daily budget faster.

Adwords – what is max cpc?

This is the maximum amount you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad. You may pay less than your maximum cpc because Google will only charge you 1 penny more than than the next highest ranking ad.

Can you track which adword got the enquiry?

Yes. You need to go into your adwords campaign manager and set up Conversion Tracking. A code snippet will be created that you need to insert into your conversion page. Then, your conversions will start showing against the keywords that generated the conversion in your campaign manager. Find out more about setting up conversion tracking in Google Adwords here.

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What should my Google Adwords daily budget be?

That depends on how much money you want to spend! This is the maximum amount of money that Google will spend each day delivering your clicks. You should always monitor your daily spend to ensure that your campaign is generating money revenue than it is costing (unless your objectives are not primarily financially driven).

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Wordpress Plugins

How do I use wp-polls?

WP-Polls allows you to embed polls directly into your WordPress website. We use them in a number of our sites. They are straightforward to use and can be customised according to your requirements.

To find out more about wp-polls take a look at Lester Chan’s website. To see how we have integrated them into our websites take a look at our WordPress Polls examples and our Holiday Rentals Poll.

What is the best way to run polls and surveys on wordpress?

We use the wp-polls plugin to embed cool polls on our websites and WP Simple Survey for our surveys.

Can wp-polls display more than one poll?

Yes. You can maintain as many open polls as you like and then display them on the same page, or different pages, within your site. Take a look at our WP-Polls multi-poll example here.

How do I pass arguments to pages in WordPress?

There appears to be no official plugin that allows you to pass parameter variables to your wordpress scripts, but if you are happy to hand-craft a little php code yourself, change a template file and upload some code to your plugins folder then you can check out this solution to pass variable parameters to your WordPress scripts.

Can Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 run in the same site?

Yes. Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 can co-exist in the same website. They each have their own dashboard sections, and each have their own shortcodes and database tables.

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WordPress General

I’m getting a trackback notification from my WordPress site. What is it?

Trackbacks are notifications from your WordPress site that another website has linked to you. The trackback notification you get will ask you to ‘Approve It’, ‘Trash It’, or ‘Spam It’. The message typically looks like this…

“A new trackback on the post [your post url] is waiting for your approval”

If you approve it, WordPress will add a comment to your post linking back to the other site. This may or may not be a good idea – if the website is reputable, then it might be a good idea to link back to it letting your visitors know that the site links to you. If it is clearly a spam attempt, then click the ‘Spam It’ link in your email. Otherwise, just ‘Trash It’.

I can’t see the Update button for my WordPress post / page

Whilst your post is in draft status you won’t see the update button. You will need to click the ‘Save Draft’ button to update your post. Once you post is published the ‘Publish’ button will be replaced with an ‘Update’ button.

Here’s what you see before your post is published :

Here’s what you see after your post is published :

Options for editing your WordPress post status

Can Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 run in the same site?

Yes. Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 can co-exist in the same website. They each have their own dashboard sections, and each have their own shortcodes and database tables.

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Where can I find the Pims holidays website?

The PIMS system is the name given to the Holiday Rental Management system, an integrated web tool that allows holiday property rental owners to manage all of their enquiries and bookings in a structured way. Booking forms, availability charts and pricing tables can be maintained in PIMS and then inserted directly into your website.

We have used the PIMS system on several holiday rental websites. You can find the main PIMS website here.

Do you need permission to store cookies on a users computer?

Cookies are used to both enrich a visitor’s experience and, in many circumstances, by website owners to track how visitors use websites. This is by no means always a malicious or suspect activity. For example, if you are using an ecommerce website, the site will generally need to store your cart details so that it can display them when you go to checkout (or if you come back to the site at a later date).

The EU Cookie Directive tries to make this clear, asking all website owners to notify their visitors that they use tracking cookies and, in many circumstances, to stop using cookies unless visitors specifically accept them.

Read our views on the EU Cookie Directive.

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