Adwords Hints & Tips #7 – Avoid Advert Copy Changes

Be careful when updating advert headlines, text or urls for Google Adwords adverts that have been running for a while, as this could have a serious impact on your campaign!
27 Feb, 2006

Be careful and try to avoid advert copy changes when updating advert headlines, text, or URLs for any Google Adwords adverts that have been running for a while.

Google builds a history for each of your adverts that helps it to best rank your ad in its Sponsored Listings. This history is destroyed whenever you change any part of your advert!

This means that, for example, if you have achieved a consistently high click-thru rate for an advert which has resulted in Google showing that advert in a higher position than competitor ads, then this will effectively be lost when you change just 1 letter in your advert copy. This could have a serious impact on your campaign – either you’ll be relegated to a lower position (reducing your clicks) or you’ll pay a higher price for the same position (increasing your costs).

What Can I Do?

Once it’s done, you can do nothing to resurrect the history. If you plan your changes carefully, though, you can add new adverts rather than change existing ones, so that the negative impact of a change is diminished. Once your new advert is achieving a decent click-thru rate, you can delete the old advert.

The Author of this series of articles is Martin Jarvis, who creates and manages Pay-per-Click campaigns for a number of clients. To find out more, please visit us at DMJ Computer Services Ltd.


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