Disabling javascript popup warnings

I have been using curvycorners [Note: No longer available from 2016] to display rounded boxes in a number of my websites and blogs for some time now with no problems. Recently, I have installed WordPress 2.9 and Woothemes (specifically the Optimize theme) and have started getting lots of popup warnings when running the pages which use curvycorners in IE8. The errors were along the lines of ‘Object ID unknown. Wait until curvyCorners has been loaded’. As the code worked perfectly well on my other sites, I assumed that something in my wootheme was tripping it up, and after a little research found that I could actually disable these alerts just by adding…

function alert() {};

…before my curvycorners.js file was called.

It really does work a treat, although I would have preferred to get to the bottom of the real problem

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