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My "What have I learned today" blog is a little record of the web issues I have encountered and solved, along with useful info I have gathered, helping me build better websites all the time.
30 Dec, 2009

Things that have inspired usI’m always dabbling with things to do with the web, be it HTML, CSS, javascript, SEO, PHP, MySQL, or whatever. Almost every day I am finding out new things which help me to build the next website or blog better than the last one. My “What I have learned today” blog is a little record of the problems I have had and the way I have resolved them, and of the useful things that I have found out that might just impact on a future (or past) project. It is primarily intended as a memory recall tool for me, but if it helps you too then that’s cool too! Why not drop us a line if you have found any of these posts useful?


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