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Should my website ‘About Us’ page really be ‘About Me’?

Image showing 2 walruses, explaining best practice for about us pages on websites
Your website about us page might be better as an ‘about me’ page instead, getting more engagement from your visitors. Here are our guidelines on whether your website should have an ‘about us’ or ‘about me’ page Click to see why your website About Us page might be better as an About Me page... →

I’ve just launched my new website – now what?

Your website involvement doesn’t end when you launch your site You’ll need to constantly improve it, check it, and track traffic to stay ahead of the competition If you have a new website, here's what you need to do next... →

What’s Your Website Backup Strategy?

Your website is critically important to your business, but when was it last backed-up? Could you afford the time or money to rebuild your website from scratch? That could be what you need to do if you have a website...